Monday, June 16, 2008

Dark Knight Harvey Dent Is Two-Face

Harvey Dent - The Dark KnightIn the Dark Knight actor Aaron Eckhart is playing the role of Harvey Dent who is going to transform into Two-Face.

For the first time we have a preview clip featuring Two-Face! Well, it's just a glimpse, but if you want to see more it's quite easy to find the whole picture of Two-Faces which has leaked on the web some time ago...

Looks like the right part of the face of Two-Face is damned revulsive... Can understand why Batman would be so serious if he has to confront such an ugly opponent!

Fortunately the Joker is here to make us smile...

In the latest Dark Knight trailer we have a glimpse of a scene showing Harvey Dent becoming Two Face after being in contact with some acid solution:

But the civilized Harvey Dent when transforming into Two Face focuses his anger on Batman the Dark Knight, not on the Joker....