Monday, December 17, 2007

Dark Knight First 6 Minutes Bootleg

Guess what I found on youtube (taken down since, but i found an other source)! The first six minutes of the Dark Knight, the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins! Well, it's a bootleg - of the IMAX teaser projection I think -, and the quality isn't that great... But fans won't care!

Here the first 6 minutes (bootleg) of the Dark Knight, it features an attack of a bank:

It's on: The first 6 minutes of the Dark Knight - Watch here

It confirms further what I'm expecting of the Dark Knight: a damned great movie ahead!
Star Trek Bootleg Trailer


Anonymous said...

holy shit, hahaha i can not wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you forgot to include morgan freedman in the cast?

Dark Knight said...

Morgan Freeman is but a support character in the Dark Knight. He plays the role of Lucius Fox, the recently-promoted CEO of Wayne Enterprises who supplies Bruce Wayne with the gear necessary to carry out Batman's mission.

Anonymous said...

thanks, but that clip is only 3 minutes