Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dark Knight Bootleg Trailer

The Dark Knight is the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins.
A bootleg version of the trailer of the Dark Knight shown in front of Will Smith's movie I Am Legend has surfaced on the web. Maybe not the best quality bootleg, but still damned hot stuff!

Here it is:

Video Here

That's a Batman movie for grown up! Cheers! What a dark atmosphere in this Batman!
Let's forget about the 1989 Batman movie with Jack Nicholson's Joker: there is no comparison! Heath Ledger is a totally new Joker, and much better to my viewpoint.

Thank You Lord for I live in a time of such great movies!

Update: A bootleg of the second trailer of the Dark knight has hit the web:

Trailer now officially available, watch it at: Dark Knight Trailer 2

The Dark Night is going to be the most amazing Batman movie ever made!

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